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Artwork by Timothy Schaser

An Immovable Faith

Written by Drew Naumann / November 2015 Reverend Augustus Montague Toplady, as tradition has it, was traveling one day near Burrington Combe when a storm overtook him. He found shelter in…

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Artwork by Timothy Schaser

Never Alone

Written by Christiana Schreyer  / September 2015 An orange hue peaks timidly over the bridge as my partner and I hit each pot-hole of downtown La Crosse in our truck, good…

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Artwork by Timothy Schaser

A Prayer for Boldness

Written by Nathaniel Krause / August 2015 Acts 4:29-31: “Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out…

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