Advent 3: In Time Through Eternity

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Written by Pastor Daniel Fleischer  / December 2015

In fullness of time God’s Son was born
To live on earth as Man;
And with His birth He well fulfilled
The Father’s gracious promise.
He lived on earth and gave new hope
To mankind lost in sin.
He lived and preached, and with each day.
He strove man’s soul to win.

In service of His Father’s will
He bore for man his sin.
He lived His life with no complaint
Of what He knew would come.
The perfect Lord endured the scorn
And pain our sins deserved;
He died for us upon the cross,
But not till all was finished.

Our Savior died to conquer death,
To restore to man new life.
The grave could never hold Him in,
The promised Lord of Life.
As death should lose, and life win out,
He rose as prophesied.
His rising was the Father’s stamp–
“To God man’s reconciled.”

He walked on earth for forty days
To comfort and to strengthen
Disciples who for unknown years
Must yet endure this world.
Before He left and went to heaven,
He blessed them with a promise
To take them from the sinful world
To live with Him in heaven.

Though He left them for a time
A time which He determined,
He promised them another One
The Comforter from heaven.
In time the Holy Spirit came,
And strengthened them in faith.
He made them strong and bold to speak
The Word of Life to others.

Our Legacy
Before He ascended into heaven
He prayed for all believers,
That in Him the Church might stay
In faith and love and hope.
He’s bidden us to faithful be,
His precious Word proclaiming.
He’s with us—our Immanuel
Till we’re with Him in heaven.

Our Confidence
As Christ the Lord was born and died, (Christmas)
And rose again from death, (Easter)
He then ascended to His Father
To prepare our place in heaven. (Ascension)
By Gospel Word from heaven above
The Spirit gave us faith. (Pentecost)
Now by that self-same Word we know
He’ll take us Home to heaven! (Eternity)