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  • Episode 5 – CQC: Do you eat shellfish? October 19, 2016Have you ever been asked if you eat shellfish? How about pork or other “unclean” animals? In today’s episode we take a look at the Old and New Covenants found in the Bible. What was the purpose of the Old Testament laws? How has Jesus fulfilled all of them? What does the New Covenant tell […]
  • Episode 4 – CQC: Creation? October 13, 2016Tom and Sam begin a new series called Common Questions to Christians! In this episode, we discuss how the world came to be. How did God create the world? What does the Bible mean by “day”? What is the aged earth theory? How legit is the info in Genesis? Where else does Scripture talk about […]
  • Episode 3 – Welcome Back October 5, 2016We’re back! What is a vicar? Vicaring reports. 2 Timothy. New logo!
  • More Than Conquerors – Episode 2 July 13, 2016PokemonGo. Ken Ham v Bill Nye. Top 3 Bible Verses: Promises of God.
  • More Than Conquerors – Pilot July 7, 2016Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Ark Encounter. Top 3 Bible Verses: The Word is Truth.