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A confessional Lutheran podcast focusing on biblical truths, Christian topics, and current events.

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  • Ep. 25 - Christians and Sports April 26, 2017
    What does the Bible say about Christians and Sports? How does sportsmanship, humility, and respect fit in with the sanctified Christian's life? What about rooting for our favorite sports teams? Tom and Sam welcome a special guest, ILHS Track and Field Head Coach Steve Sydow, onto the MTC pod to delve into some Bible verses […]
  • Ep. 24 - How can I be sure I'm saved? April 19, 2017
    Have you ever been tempted to ask yourself this question? Do you ever get bogged down by your own negative feelings? Do you ever question the absolute truth of God's love for you? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this episode is for you! Sam and Tom look to the objective […]
  • Ep. 23 - Holy Week Highlights April 13, 2017
    Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the sounds of the cheering crowds. Only 5 days later he was falsely convicted, scourged, and crucified to the sound of the jeering crowd. What happened during those 5 days? Where did Jesus go in that time? And what did he say? […]
  • Ep. 22 - The Antichrist March 29, 2017
    The term 'antichrist' seems to get thrown around a lot these days! Why is there so much confusion about this? What's the difference between the lower-case 'antichrists' and the upper-case 'Antichrist'? Why is it so important that we identify who the Antichrist is? To find the answers to these questions and more, Tom and Sam […]
  • Ep. 21 - The Book of Books: How we got the books of the Bible! March 10, 2017
    Ever wonder how we got the 66 books of the Bible? How did God make sure that we got it all right? What about those "newly discovered" books like "the gospel of Judas" and the "gospel of Thomas?" What's up with them? In this weeks episode, Tom and Sam dive into God's Word and church […]
  • Ep. 20 - The Awesomeness of Prayer March 1, 2017
    Why do we pray? How is prayer spiritually beneficial to us? Is prayer a form of worship? Why do Roman Catholics pray to Mary and saints? Is it unloving to not pray with people outside our fellowship? Tom and Sam look to God's Word to find the answers to these questions and more in this […]
  • Ep. 19 - Love Yourself? February 22, 2017
    Today's society has some goofy ideas about self-love! From memes on Facebook to bumper stickers to motivational plaques, we hear plenty of worldly encouragement to "love yourself," "do what makes you happy," and "love the skin you're in." What's up with this modern idea of self-love? And how does it mesh with our Christian faith, […]
  • Ep. 18 - Gospel Motivation February 15, 2017
    What is it about certain sins that sometimes seem so unavoidable? Do you ever get frustrated with yourself for falling to the same temptations over and over again? Do you have any friends who are living in sin even though they know that it's wrong? The true Christian life needs proper motivation, the Gospel needs […]
  • Ep. 17 - Suicide and Scripture Twisters February 8, 2017
    What does the Bible teach about suicide? Are the Roman Catholics right, is suicide the unforgivable sin? There are a lot of misconceptions out there concerning this uncomfortable topic. In this week's episode, Tom and Sam see what the Bible says about the sin of suicide. And they dig into God's Word to find promises […]
  • Ep. 16 - Evangelism 101 and Current Events! February 1, 2017
    What exactly is evangelism and how should you be evangelizing? How does evangelism relate to apologetics? How can you be an effective evangelist? Tom and Sam look to God's Word to answer these questions and more! And they offer a sample outline and role play a typical evangelism situation. Bonus: The MTC hosts discuss the […]
  • Ep. 15 - Fellowship January 25, 2017
    What is the doctrine of Fellowship? What does it mean for your faith life? Is it rude or hateful not to pray or worship with people outside your fellowship? Tom and Sam dive into God's Word to find the answers to these questions and more on this week's episode of More Than Conquerors! Take a […]
  • Ep. 14 - Predestination January 18, 2017
    This week's episode: Predestination! Tom and Sam look to Scripture to find the true facts about this wonderful, Gospel-filled doctrine! God's Word answers questions like, "Who are the people that God has chosen to go to heaven?" "How does that choosing happen?" and "How can you be sure that you are one of these elect?"
  • Episode 13: A New Year is Newly Here! January 11, 2017
    Welcome back to More Than Conquerors! Tom and Sam are back from their Christmas break and they're here to discuss what's new in 2017! Are you excited for the new year? Maybe you're happy 2016 is over? Make any new year's resolutions? Your MTC hosts talk about the Christian's perspective on the new year, what […]
  • Episode 12 - CQC: Is Jesus God? December 14, 2016
    Has anyone ever asked you about Jesus being God? Do you know about the names of God, "Jehovah" or "Yahweh?" Have you ever run into anyone who claims that Jesus isn't God?... The baby born at Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago had to be God in order to save us sinners! Tom and Sam […]
  • Episode 11 - CQC: Can Christians have sex? December 7, 2016
    Have you ever been asked whether or not "Christians can have sex?" Did you have a hard time answering? Don't feel bad, it's a loaded question! In today's podcast Tom and Sam dig into God's Word to find out what God says about marriage, sex outside of wedlock, and the sinful world's assault on this […]
  • Episode 10 - CQC: What does the Bible say about women in the church? November 30, 2016
    Can women be pastors? Is the Bible sexist? Does true Christianity respect women's rights? Sam and Tom look to God's Word to find the answers to these questions and more!
  • Episode 9 - CQC: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? November 16, 2016
    This is a topic that is extremely prevalent in our society today. There are a lot of false assumptions about the biblical view of homosexuality and how Christians ought to act, but what does God's Word say? Find out in today's episode!
  • Episode 8 - CQC: Do I have to go to church? November 9, 2016
    Is going to church every week really that important? YES! This week we discuss our worship services where we receive God's gifts and we grow in fellowship with our fellow Christians! Take a listen and learn about the great blessings of church!
  • Episode 7 - CQC: What is the Reformation? November 2, 2016
    What in the world is the Lutheran Reformation? And what does it have to do with you? Answer: It's awesome and it has everything to do with you! Learn about how God preserved His Word and teachings through the person of Martin Luther! We discuss Romans 1:16-17 and the incredible benefits of the Reformation in […]
  • Episode 6 - CQC: Why do bad things happen? October 26, 2016
    God does NOT cause evil, but he does allow evil to exist. Why? Why doesn't God just destroy all wickedness? Why do bad things happen to good people? We look to Scripture to find the answers!