The Christmas Picture Frame

So often we frame our discussions with what is taking place in our lives at a given time, and understandably so. This year many of our conversations were framed by the Zika virus, the Olympics, Brexit, and most recently, the presidential election. Current events often frame what we discuss in our day to day lives, but each Christmas we have the opportunity to frame our discussions with an event that took place over two thousand years ago, the birth of Jesus. Through this frame, we view the wonderful picture of our salvation.

We are all familiar with this frame. Luke 2 tells us of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem, giving birth to Jesus in a stable, the shepherds hearing the good news from the angels and immediately racing to see their Savior. We know the story; we hear it every year. And why? We examine and remember Christ’s birth year after year because it is the frame through which we view our salvation. Jesus’ incarnation, coming to earth to live as true man and true God, is essential for the Lord to keep his promise to save us, his people. On Christmas, we celebrate the event that framed our deliverance.

But that is just the frame; the canvas is covered with an all the more beautiful mural of our salvation. Eight days after Jesus was born, Simeon spoke of what the child would grow up to do for us. The mission Jesus came to accomplish was to take upon himself all of our wrongs, voluntarily go to the cross, and die taking our sins to the tomb with him. That was truly a wonderous love, but perhaps the picture looks a little grotesque to you right now. Well, look again, because the image of our redemption becomes a glorious sight when our Savior rises from the grave three days later on Easter morning, guaranteeing our salvation! That is the most epic picture any frame could ever hold!

So, this Christmas, let’s celebrate the frame of Christ’s birth, being thankful for the wonderful portrayal it holds. But not only that, let’s ponder how we frame the rest of our lives. All year, and perhaps there’s no better example than 2016, it’s easy to get caught up in all that takes place around us and view our lives through the frame of that moment. Instead, let’s frame all we do with the Word, striving to paint a picture that glorifies the Savior whose birth we celebrate this week.

From all of us here at The Witness, Merry Christmas!

Looking Ahead to a New Semester and Looking for Writers

One of the ways we hope we can frame our lives with Christ’s love for us is by building one another up through these weekly newsletters. It has been truly incredible to hear your stories, share your experiences, and witness the Holy Spirit work through the spreading of the Word. To keep this going, however, we are in need of writers for the coming semester. We only have a few articles left, so if you have an idea, we encourage you to draft and article and send it to us. Or, if you would like to write but need a topic, don’t hesitate to ask us for ideas; we have a few starters you could consider. If you are interested or have a draft prepared, please send us an email at

That said, this is the final newsletter of this semester. The Witness will return on Wednesday, January 25, of the new year. We pray the Lord will continue to bless this effort as we all share to Good News with one another. See you in January!