Facts Vs. Feelings

Written by Pastor David Ude / November 2017

When David cut off Goliath’s head, he used Goliath’s sword. When a shooter or a quarterback executes an effective pump fake, he uses the defender’s own instincts against him. Let’s do a little of the same in regard to facts and the transgender movement.

Unless you are living under a rock (and why would you be?) you’ve probably heard a grande sized helping of nonsense about transgenderism recently. From Bruce Jenner’s Olympic sized drama to the recent “brave” boycotting of North Carolina for the terrible crime of asking people to use the correct bathroom, liberalism is in the air. (I think it’s causing an allergic reaction, do they make medicine for that?) In a seemingly unrelated note (but, spoiler, it’s totally not), how often have you, dear Christian reader, had it implied or directly stated that you are an idiot for believing in things like: a six day creation, the virgin birth of Jesus, His resurrection from the dead, or the impending conclusion and judgment of the world? Have you ever noticed how proudly the secularist brandishes such words as “facts” and “science” and scorns such as “feelings” and “beliefs”? Well, enguard secularist! Raise thy mighty sword! And we shall use it to slay thee! (But really mostly the sword of the Word!)

Facts and science simply do not support the transgender movement. Recently, a video was released by the Family Policy Institute of Washington in which college students were asked how they would respond to a series of questions about self-identification. It’s well done, I advise you to watch it, laugh, and also shake your head sadly at the downfall of reason and logic taking place in this country. It made me think, what would I say if someone I knew to be a man told me he was a woman (or vis versa). I think I’d say, “I don’t believe you” or, perhaps, “prove it.” That might seem harsh but let’s understand something: You are being asked by popular culture to accept transgenderism as a scientific and moral fact. I’d suggest you have a right to see some evidence first. If a secularist can ask a Christian for proof of the resurrection of Christ or God’s creation of the universe, the Christian certainly has the right to ask for proof in this matter.

And here is where the transgenderism argument identifies itself as nonsensical. There is no proof. The only thing they can say is “This is what I feel.” It’s all about sunshiney feelings with nary a cloud of objectivity to be seen which might, heaven forbid, rain on their parade. The truth is that secularists, by and large, really only like facts when they fit what they want them to fit. In this case, the facts are rather inconvenient. There is objective fact here and we don’t even need to go to the Bible for it (but don’t worry, we’ll do that later anyway). It’s called DNA which I believe stands for “don’t need reality” (actually it stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, but who needs facts right?). If you have two X chromosomes, you are a woman. If you have an X and Y, you are a man. It really is as simple as that folks. How does the saying go? You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig? Well you can put lipstick on a man but he’s still a man. You can even have surgery to mutilate him and cause irreparable harm (which makes him 18 percent more likely to kill himself1) but he’s still a man.

Aaron Wolf2, speaking recently on the radio program Issues Etc talked about a mentally ill man he had once cared for. The man was convinced he was the 5th member of the Beatles and had, in fact, written many of their songs. What, I ask you, is the objective difference between that man and the transgender person? There isn’t one. If he came up to you and told you he was the 5th member of the Beatles, what would you say? “I don’t believe you” or maybe, “Prove it.” And he wouldn’t be able to because, objectively speaking, he isn’t. Until rather recently transgenderism was nearly universally recognized as a mental disorder and still is by many.3 So why should I believe a woman who tells me she is a man because she “feels like it.” I wouldn’t accept that as a reason for anything else, why should I for this?

Which brings us to one last point. Not only are the secularists wrong in their fast-and-loose use of facts and feelings, they are also wrong when they accuse Christians of having no evidence for their beliefs. Let’s be clear, faith is not a feeling. I do not believe in God because I feel like He exists. Faith is knowing. It is a supernatural knowing to be sure. One ultimately caused by the power of God working through the preached Gospel (Romans 10:17). But it is a knowing which has nothing to do with feelings at all. Further, it is bulwarked by facts at every turn. I believe the world was created in six days because God said it was. And that belief is backed up by the scientific evidence around me in the world. I believe that Jesus rose from the dead because God said He would through the prophets and then told me he did through the Apostles! And that is backed up by the evidence of the witnesses. I know this to be true and I know it saves me, sinner that I am, from the fate I deserve. “I know my Redeemer lives” said Job so many years ago. He was right. He didn’t feel like that was the case. He knew it. His faith was in a fact. A person should only believe what is most certainly true, not what they kinda sorta feel. Transgenderism is most certainly nothing other than feeling. Like the grass it will whither away. But the Word of our God is fact. It will abide forever!

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