Christian Education

Written by Sam Lisak / May 2018

Later this month my congregation will be celebrating our Christian day school’s 25th Anniversary. Twenty-five years of having, maintaining, and growing a Christian Day School is something to be celebrated, and something that I think I often take for granted. A tremendous amount of work and effort is put into a school to make it successful. Most often, the schools have low attendance and may not have all the resources that other schools have. Teachers must be found through congregations and be willing to carry the educational responsibilities for at least one grade of children and most times multiple grades. So why do it? What added benefit are you getting out of all the extras that go into running a day school?

In my personal experience, I enjoyed going to a Christian day school. Being in a classroom with other kids, especially ones in grades above me, I was able to learn and pick up things outside of my regular classes. Also, being in a small school, there was a great opportunity to have good relationships with everyone in the school as well as receive individual teaching than can sometimes not be achieved at other schools. As Christians, the most important thing in our life is summed up in Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” That message, and many others that we see in the Bible are part of the curriculum at Christian day schools. It is a place where Christians like us can be surrounded by fellow believers and continue in our learning. It was also evident while I was in high school at ILC that it is very beneficial to have fellow Christian friends especially as you get older and have to deal with issues in the sinful world more often.

While there are countless benefits that I, and I’m sure other former Christian day school students could attest to as being beneficial for our lives, none of it can be done without the support from all the members of a congregation. I was not around for the beginning of our school, but I’ve heard from those who were around at the time about all the work that was put into its creation, along with the sheer determination of those involved to make the school great for the students. The opportunity to send your children to these schools is a huge benefit that we must not take for granted.

Christian day schools, and even churches are not something that we can just create and then sit back and reap the benefits from. It takes effort from everyone in the congregation to help in whatever ways they can. There are many different ways in which you can help teachers at school. While we can greatly appreciate all the work those before us have done in establishing Christian day schools for us, let’s not let these benefits go to waste. We have opportunities to help teach the children of our congregation and we should take advantage of these opportunities and give our help wherever we can. It is the least we can do for someone who mercifully gave His life for us, that we would continue to take care of what He has graciously given us.