The Mission Field

Dear Witness, you are now entering the mission field. The second year of The Witness concludes with this article, and these are the words we would like to leave you…

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Why do all of our articles feature Gospel?

You may take it for granted; perhaps it is expected. Every newsletter The Witness publishes specifically refers to our salvation through Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection. It is something…

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The Christmas Picture Frame
Artwork by Timothy Schaser

The Christmas Picture Frame

So often we frame our discussions with what is taking place in our lives at a given time, and understandably so. This year many of our conversations were framed by…

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Welcome Back to The Witness

The first year of The Witness was truly a blessed experience. You wrote and shared experiences that helped build one another up in the faith we hold so dear. That faith, Christ…

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New Website

Welcome to our new website! In preparation for the next semester of The Witness, we're making many updates over the summer. This website manages our ever-growing content much better and…

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