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The goal of Burden & Blessing is to provide Biblical truth and encouragement in your life. We strive to produce blog articles and podcast episodes that touch on pertinent topics in our modern age and what God says about them. Why do we call ourselves Burden & Blessing? See the answer HERE. If you are edified by what you hear please subscribe to our blog! Have a question or comment? Email us at burdenandblessing@gmail.com.

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  • Word of the Week - Means of Grace June 17, 2019
    For our Word of the Week this week, Pastor Rob Sauers takes us through a study of the Means of Grace. A simple definition of the Means of Grace is the gospel in Word and sacraments by which God offers and gives us the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. The Means of Grace tell […]
  • Hymn Review: Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty June 14, 2019
    As we look ahead to Trinity Sunday this weekend Pastor Rob Sauers joins Nathanael Mayhew to dig into the Trinity hymn, Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty (Hymn 246 in The Lutheran Hymnal). Learn about the background of the hymnwriter, and the Scriptural foundation for the hymn itself and how it describes the nature of […]
  • Word of the Week: Trinity June 10, 2019
    As we look ahead to Trinity Sunday this coming weekend, we consider the word Trinity. This is a very familiar word among Christians. So familiar that many are surprised to learn that the word Trinity is actually not found anywhere in the Bible. It comes from the Latin and has been used by the church […]
  • World Religions: Masonic Lodge June 7, 2019
    Lodges have been an important part of our history in the United States. Many of the founding fathers of our country were Masons, as are many famous people today. But what does the Masonic Lodge have to do with religion? Is it a religion itself, and if so, in what way? What are the beliefs […]
  • Word of the Week - Pentecost June 3, 2019
    In anticipation of our celebration of Pentecost this coming Sunday, Pastor Rob Sauers takes us through a study of the word Pentecost. Typically, when we think about Pentecost, we think about the events of Acts 2, but Pentecost actually was an Old Testament festival. Referred to as the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of […]
  • Bible Study: Titus May 31, 2019
    What does a 2000 year old letter to a young pastor working on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea have to say to us today? A great deal! Paul wrote to Titus in order to encourage him and direct him in his work of organizing the church of Crete, but this short […]
  • Word of the Week: Ascend May 27, 2019
    As we prepared to commemorate the ascension of Jesus into heaven, 40 days after His resurrection, we consider the word "ascend" today. Did you know that Jesus predicted His ascension, just as He did His death and resurrection? Did you know that His ascension into heaven was foretold in the Old Testament, just as His […]
  • World Religions: Shintosim May 24, 2019
    Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew look into the religion of Shintoism in our ongoing series on World Religions. Shintoism is a religion that originated in Japan but has changed much in over the years of its existence. It has been influenced by other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Since the Second World War, Shintoism […]
  • Word of the Week: Paraclete May 21, 2019
    In our Word of the Week today we consider a Greek word which Jesus used to describe the Holy Spirit: Paraclete. This word is used four times by Jesus in the upper room on the night before His death to picture the work of the Holy Spirit, whom He promised to send to them. It […]
  • Bible Study: 2 Timothy May 17, 2019
    Join Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew as they dig into the last letter written by the Apostle Paul. This very personal letter written to his companion and fellow co-worker is personal as Paul reflects on his impending death in prison. Paul also highlights the importance of the Word of God and the Christian's responsibility […]
  • Bible Study: Malachi May 10, 2019
    Malachi is probably most familiar for being the last book of the Old Testament in our English Bibles... But this final prophet of the Old Testament played a very important role in the lives of God's Old Testament people as he prepared them for the coming of the Savior. His message, like that of all […]
  • Word of the Week: Wisdom May 9, 2019
    Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction. The Bible tells us that wisdom is something that we need to get. So what really is wisdom? While the World may have an understanding of what they consider wisdom to be, it is not the same as what […]
  • Word of the Week: Life April 30, 2019
    Life can be a pretty complex and abstract concept. But for believers, life is really based around who and what Jesus is. While the world may have many different ideas about what makes up a good life, the Bible is pretty clear. The goal should not be to live the fullest life possible on this […]
  • Bible Study: Ezra April 26, 2019
    As we continue our study of the Old Testament books Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew walk us through the book of Ezra. This is one of the historical books of the Old Testament, and fits into the time of Haggai and Zechariah and gives us the historical background for those books. It includes a […]
  • Word of the Week: Passover April 24, 2019
    The word Passover comes up in all three of the Gospels connected to the events of Holy Week. Jesus gathered with His disciples on Maundy Thursday in the upper room of a house in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover for a final time before His death. It was here as they were celebrating the Passover, […]
  • CPR: Discussing Holy Week services and the Triduum April 18, 2019
    As we come to the end of another Lenten season, Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew discuss and describe the connection and celebration of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (with Tenebrae) and Easter Vigil. These three services were once seen and celebrated as one service, beginning on Manudy Thursday, continuing on Good Friday and concluding with […]
  • Bible Study: Holy Week in Matthew April 12, 2019
    How does Matthew differ from the other Gospels as he describes the events of Holy Week? During this Lenten study of Matthew's Gospel, Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew will highlight some of the unique features of Matthew's description of the final events of Christ life and ministry. Fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies play an […]
  • Word of the Week: Renew April 12, 2019
    The Lenten season is often described as one of renewal. In our word of the week we will consider the word renew and consider its relation to the season of Lent. As sinful human beings we need to be "re"newed. We are not to be conformed to the world, but transformed by the renewing of […]
  • Hymn Review: Jesus, Refuge of the Weary April 5, 2019
    Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew take a look at the background and theology of the Lenten hymn penned by Italian reformer Girolamo Savanarola. This is the oldest of the hymn in the Lent section of The Lutheran Hymnal, dating before the time of Luther. It captures the meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus and […]
  • Word of the Week: Intercede April 1, 2019
    What does it mean to intercede? Well, quite simply it means to go in between, to go on the behalf of one party and plead their case before another. This is something that we sinners need when going to the Holy God. God Himself provides us such intercession. The Holy Spirit takes our prayers and […]