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The goal of Burden & Blessing is to provide Biblical truth and encouragement in your life. We strive to produce blog articles and podcast episodes that touch on pertinent topics in our modern age and what God says about them. Why do we call ourselves Burden & Blessing? See the answer HERE. If you are edified by what you hear please subscribe to our blog! Have a question or comment? Email us at burdenandblessing@gmail.com.

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  • Word of the Week: REBELLION February 27, 2017
    This Wednesday begins the season of Lent.  As we prepare for Lent, Pastor Rob Sauers takes us into a study of the word “rebellion” as it is defined in God’s Word.  Rebellion means “opposition to one in authority or dominance.” So the notion of rebellion presupposes the existence of authority. We often think of children […]
  • CPR - What to look for in a church. February 24, 2017
    In this CPR episode, Pastors Mark Tiefel, Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew all join together to discuss the topic of Church Attendance and how to find a church home.  Why should we go to church?  In church the Lord offers sinners His forgiveness through His Word and Sacrament. So when we are looking for a […]
  • Word of the Week: AUTHORITY February 20, 2017
    On this Presidents’ Day, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew digs into God’s explanation of the word “authority” in His Word.  In Romans 13 we are told that all authority comes from God. Authority given by God is to be used for the good, blessing and service of all involved. But it often doesn’t work out that way. […]
  • Bible Study - Interpreting Revelation February 17, 2017
    In a continuation of our introduction to the Book of Revelation last week Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Rob Sauers tackle the issues of Biblical Interpretation that are important to solid, Biblical understanding of Revelation (as well as all the rest of the Bible).  The literary structure of Revelation varies.  The book opens in a way […]
  • Word of the Week: LOVE February 13, 2017
    As we approach Valentine’s Day, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew digs into the Biblical definition of the word “Love.”  The word love is one of the most well known words in the English language. Even young children express their affection by saying, “I love you!” But in English, the word “love” is based on our feelings - […]
  • Bible Study - Revelation February 10, 2017
    In this Bible Study episode, Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Rob Sauers dig into the complex and comforting book of Revelation.  This last book of the New Testament was written by the Apostle John in the 90’s AD while he was exiled on an island called Patmos.  Here he writes to seven churches of the early […]
  • Word of the Week: ENMITY February 6, 2017
    Today Pastor Nathanael Mayhew defines the word Enmity as described in Scripture.  Enmity or hatred is obvious in the world around us as seen in human interactions like political rallies or racial riots.  There are many differences between human beings, but Christians have been called out of the world and are to be different than […]
  • CPR - Baptism February 3, 2017
    In this episode, Pastors Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew discuss the topic of Baptism.  They cover many topics related to the form and function of baptism from Scripture.  First, God reveals clearly that Baptism is not a work of human beings, but rather the work of God (Titus 3:5-8).  God is at work through water […]
  • Word of the Week: GOSPEL January 30, 2017
    As we contine in the Epiphany season, Pastor Mark Tiefel defines the word Gospel in the Scriptures.  The word Gospel is used so often in our society that it looses its meaning in the true Biblical meaning.  Literally the word means “Good News” or “Evangelism.”  Isaiah says that the Good News of Salvation is what […]
  • CPR - ABORTION RIGHTS AND WRONGS!?! January 27, 2017
    In this episode, Pastors Mark Tiefel and Neal Radichel discuss everything from Abortion rights and Abortion “exceptions”, as well as Bible quotations that shed light on life before and after birth and conception.  What kind of impact has Abortion had on our society?  How has Abortion affected relationships and a mother’s responsibility?  What can a Christian […]
  • Bible Study - Daniel January 27, 2017
    In this Bible Study episode, Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew take us into the Old Testament book of Daniel.  While the book of Daniel has many familiar sections which descibe the life of Daniel while in captivity by the Babylonians, there are many unfamiliar sections as well.  Daniel is set at the time of […]
  • Word of the Week: GENTILE January 23, 2017
    As we contine in the Epiphany season, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew takes a look at the word Gentile in the Scriptures.  The word Gentile is used in both the Old and New Testaments to distinguish between God’s Old Testament people Israel and the other nations of the world.  While Christianity is often veiwed by people in […]
  • Review - “God is on the move” by 7eventh Time Down January 20, 2017
    In this music review episode Pastors Neal Radichel and Mark Tiefel discuss and review 7eventh Time Down’s new song, “God is on the Move.”  They will be using their ABC’s:  Is it Appropriate? Is it Biblical? and Does it Direct us to Christ?  This song is very popular in Contemporary Christian Music and has been […]
  • Word of the Week: EQUALITY January 16, 2017
    As our country remembers Martin Luther King Jr. on this day, Pastor Mark Tiefel discusses the word “Equality.”  True equality is found in Christ Jesus who became “poor” that we might become “rich” (2 Corinthians 8:9).  Jesus humbled Himself unto death that we might be reconciled to God.  In Christ, we have been set free, […]
  • CPR - Don’t Judge Me (Skeptic Series) January 13, 2017
    In this episode of Conservative Pastor Response Pastors Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew take up a Skeptics approach to Judging others.  The phrase “Don’t Judge Me” is heard by many Christians who seek to lead a friend or fellow believer out of sin.  In this episode they talk about the purpose of pointing out sin […]
  • Word of the Week: EPIPHANY January 9, 2017
    As we enter a new season of the Church Year with Epiphany, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew discusses the word Epiphany in our Word of the Week.  The word Epiphany comes from the Greek and means “appearing” or “manifestation” in English.  Epiphany celebrates the incarnation of Jesus into the world for sinners.  But there is a difference […]
  • Bible Study - Joshua January 6, 2017
    In this Bible Study episode, Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Mark Tiefel take us back into the Old Testament and the book of Joshua.  This book picks up where Deuteronomy leaves off, as the Children of Israel prepare to enter into the promised land under the leadership of Joshua.  They discuss the background and history of […]
  • Word of the Week: PROVIDENCE January 4, 2017
    As we begin a new year Pastor Mark Tiefel defines the word providence in our Word of the Week. At the very begining of the world God assures us that He will care for His creation and provides for all people.  The knowledge of God’s providence or care for all creation is meant to lead […]
  • Review - Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer December 30, 2016
    In this episode Pastors Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew discuss and review Ken Ham and Britt Beemer’s book, “Already Gone.”  This book looks at statistics which show why less people are going to church and give some solutions to this epidemic in the Church.  He points out how churches in Europe have closed at an […]
  • Word of the Week: INCARNATION December 26, 2016
    In our Word of the Week, Pastor Mark Tiefel defines the word Incarnation. The teaching of the incarnation comes to the forefront in the birth of Jesus.  Literally, the word incarnate means to become flesh.  Jesus had to become human because God promised that it would happen this way (Isaiah 7:14).  Jesus would be Immanuel, […]