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The goal of Burden & Blessing is to provide Biblical truth and encouragement in your life. We strive to produce blog articles and podcast episodes that touch on pertinent topics in our modern age and what God says about them. Why do we call ourselves Burden & Blessing? See the answer HERE. If you are edified by what you hear please subscribe to our blog! Have a question or comment? Email us at burdenandblessing@gmail.com.

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  • Bible Study: Philemon (Part 2) October 12, 2018
    Join Pastors Joe Naumann and Ben Libby in the second part of their study of the book of Philemon. Part two builds on the introduction to the book (Part 1) and gets into the book itself. They discuss the loving tone used by Paul in his writing to Philemon regarding his runaway slave. What is […]
  • Word of the Week: Son of God October 8, 2018
    Nathanael Mayhew digs into a common name for Jesus in the New Testament and also one of the most important, since it was this name that guaranteed Jesus's death. It is the name "Son of God." This is used over 40 times for Jesus in the New Testament. It is the foundation and theme of […]
  • Bible Study: Philemon (Part 1) October 6, 2018
    Join Pastors Joe Naumann and Ben Libby in this in depth look at Paul's letter to Philemon. This is one of the shortest books in the New Testament, and has been often misused and misunderstood throughout the past 2000 years. In part one of this study we will cover the background for the letter which […]
  • Word of the Week: Way, Truth, Life October 1, 2018
    Join Pastor Nathanael Mayhew today to look at three more names for Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life. Even though many people are put off by the exclusive nature of Christianity, their rejection does not change the truth. Jesus is the only way to heaven. He alone made the sacrifice that God required to […]
  • Hymn Review: I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord September 28, 2018
    This week Nathanael Mayhew joins Neal Radichel for a look at the hymn "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord" for our Review series. This hymn (#462 in The Lutheran Hymnal) discusses the church. This is appropriately found in the "Communion of Saints" section of the hymnal and brings out the blessings which the LORD bestows upon […]
  • Word of the Week: Word September 24, 2018
    Pastor Nathanael Mayhew digs into another name of Jesus, the Word. This name takes us into the writings of John where he reveals that Jesus is more than just a man. He is true God with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He has been since the beginning and He is the Creator. But the […]
  • World Religions: Confucianism September 24, 2018
    In our world religions segment today, Pastor Ben Libby joins Pastor Joe Naumann to discuss the religion of Confucianism. Confucius lived around 500 B.C in a very violent time in China's history. As a result he emphasized the idea of peace between people and in all relationships. Many of the teachings of Confucius we would […]
  • Word of the Week: Lord September 17, 2018
    Pastor Mark Tiefel digs into "Lord" for our Word of the Week and our contuing series on the names of Jesus. This term Lord is not to be confused with the all-capital LORD found in the Old Testament in many English Bibles. LORD is the personal name for God, Jehovah or Yahweh, which sets Him […]
  • Bible Study: Leviticus September 14, 2018
    Pastors Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew discuss the difficult book of Leviticus in the Old Testament. This is one of those books that many people give up trying to read because of all the laws recorded there. But those laws have a purpose. They point us to the problem of our sin, and the need […]
  • Word of the Week: Alpha and Omega September 12, 2018
    Pastor Tom Naumann digs into another name of Jesus, Alpha and Omega, in our Word of the Week. This title is found several times in the Book of Revelation, and describes the eternal nature of our Savior Jesus. He has always existed and will always exist. He was there at the creation of all things […]
  • Bible Study: Job September 7, 2018
    Pastor Joe Naumann joins Nathanael Mayhew to take up a study of the intriguing and often misunderstood Book of Job. Job lived around the time of Abraham and deals with the subject of suffering. Many people are familiar with the name of Job and maybe some of what happened to him, but most know little […]
  • Word of the Week: Branch September 3, 2018
    Pastor Mark Tiefel shows how the term Branch is a clear title for Jesus in our Word of the Week. The prophets of the Old Testament used this as a picture or description of Jesus. Jesus is called the "Righteous Branch" and brings the peace that only God can bring. Possibly the most familiar use of […]
  • World Religions: Darwinism August 31, 2018
    Pastor Neal Radichel joins Nathanael Mayhew to discuss the religion of Darwinism. This religion is based on the "Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin. He presents a view of creation that removes the idea of God and design and replaces it with chance and time and coming from a single common ansestor. Even though this […]
  • Word of the Week: Advocate August 27, 2018
    This week Pastor Mark Tiefel takes us into a study of the title for Jesus - "Advocate." The title comes from 1 John 2:1 where we are told that we have "an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous." As our advocate, Jesus takes our place, He stands in for us before our Father […]
  • Word of the Week: Vine August 24, 2018
    Pastor Mark Tiefel presents the importance and meaning of the Name "Vine" for our Savior in our Word of the Week. The name comes from John15 where Jesus Himself uses that picture and name for Himself. It answers the question that many people have: Does God really love me? Jesus assures us that He does, […]
  • Anniversary Podcast - 2 years and 200 episodes August 24, 2018
    Pastors Neal Radichel, Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew have a round table discussion on the 2 year anniversary of the Burden and Blessing podcast. They reflect on how the project started and how it has changed and developed over the past two years. They discuss the many people who have come on board and assisted […]
  • Word of the Week: Bridegroom August 20, 2018
    Pastor Tom Naumann digs into another Biblical picture of Jesus with the name Bridegroom. This is a picture used throughout Scripture, both by Old Testament prophets and by Jesus Himself. Jesus told many parables using the picture of a Bride and Bridegroom which pointed to the relationship between Christ and His church. Jesus, pictured as […]
  • Bible Study: Hosea August 17, 2018
    This week, Pastor Ben Libby joins Pastor Tom Naumann for a look into the Old Testament book of Hosea. This is one of the "minor" prophets of the Old Testament who was sent to the northern kingdom of Israel at the same time that Isaiah and Micah prophesied to the southern tribe of Judah. Hosea […]
  • Word of the Week: Good Shepherd August 13, 2018
    Pastor Sam Rodebaugh describes Jesus as our Good Shepherd episode today. This description or name for Jesus is found in familiar sections like John 10 and Psalm 23, but is found in many other places as well. Don't let the simple description of "good" fool you. Jesus is more that just "good" - he is […]
  • Hymn Review: Dear Lord, To Your True Servants Give August 10, 2018
    Pastor Nathanael Mayhew joins Pastor Neal Radichel to discuss the hymn: Dear Lord, To Your True Servants Give. This hymn is found in both The Lutheran Hymnal (1941) and Worship Supplement 2000 as well as other Lutheran hymnals. It was written by professor W. Gustave Polack who taught Church History and Hymnody at Concordia Seminary […]