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Hi everyone! We’re close to the end of another school year and hope you’ve had a productive semester during all that has gone on. You may have noticed we haven’t sent out any articles for a while. This is because after 7 years we are ending the publication of The Witness. It has been nothing short of a blessing to be able to bring you uplifting, biblical, evangelistic content over those years. A large part of that was thanks to you, our readers, for writing that content and showing support through email forwards, comments, and page likes and shares. We also owe a lot to our teams of editors over the years who helped compile and edit articles, coordinate email delivery and manage our website and social media pages.

The purpose of The Witness from the beginning was to uplift, support and encourage those who are in situations of their life where the Word of God isn’t the focus — where they can feel empowered to share their beliefs and shine a light towards our all-powerful and all-knowing God. While our publication will no longer be continuing, we hope and pray that the spirit of that witnessing activity will continue to carry on in our lives and in yours!

If you’d like to go back once more and read through our great articles from over the years, you can still do so until the end of the year. After that, we will not be renewing our web license and the site will no longer appear. Again, thank you for your support and encouragement. May the Lord continue to be with you all!

The Editors