About Us

The Witness is an email newsletter for young Christians, especially those faced with the daily trials of life on a college campus or in other secular settings. As Christians who believe every word of Scripture is inspired by God, our views are often dismissed in favor of more contemporary, humanist thinking. It’s very easy to feel alone in our faith. The Witness seeks to fill that void by connecting like-minded Christians through social media.

Primarily, The Witness serves as a means for Christians to use their talents to build up one another in faith. Weekly newsletters are emailed and posted featuring spiritual content produced by the readers. Additionally, The Witness manages a Facebook page and this website, both of which are frequently updated with faith-building content. The goal of each of these outlets it to provide all of us who face adversity the strength to stand firm in our faith, and, in so doing, to be witnesses of Christ’s saving love to everyone we come into contact with.

Please consider encouraging your brothers and sisters in Christ by offering faith building content for upcoming issues. We are interested in anything from articles, to short videos, to artwork. Anything that will give you the opportunity to use your skills to build up one another in faith is welcomed. We are also looking for anyone interested in helping with the editing and production process. If you would like to help out, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

The Witness Editors

Sam Lisak
Editor/Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Timothy Schaser
Art Direction and Design
Pastor David Ude
Pastoral Consultant/Editor


The editors of The Witness are members of churches within the Church of the Lutheran Confession (To find out more about the CLC, click here). The beliefs expressed in this newsletter are, to the best of our knowledge consistent with those of that body. However, The Witness is not officially affiliated with the Church of the Lutheran Confession.